Note: This page is constantly updated.

  1. General

      What is Baseway?
    1. Baseway is an online marketplace and community for freelancers and small business owners.
      Do I have to create a separate "client" and "freelancer" accounts?
    1. Nope! You can hire freelancers or work as a freelancer using the same account.
      What are the fees/pricing of using Baseway?
    1. There are no fees to use or join Baseway. Transactions are subject to a 10% commission (from the freelancer side). Posting jobs is completely free
      How do I report a user?
    1. Send an email to regarding the user you are reporting and the reason(s) why. We will look into it.
      What is the difference between my "name" and "username"?
    1. Your name is displayed on your profile and is viewable publicly.
    2. Your username is displayed in your URL (e.g.
      How do I change my username?
    1. This feature is not currently available yet.
      How do I change my name?
    1. There are two ways you can do this.
    2. 1) After logging in, navigate to the page and change your name in the "Full name" field.
    3. 2) Visit your profile page and click the "Edit Profile" link.
      How do I change my password?
    1. After logging in, navigate to the page.
      How do I change my email address?
    1. After logging in, navigate to the page.
  1. General site issues

      How do I create an account?
    1. Create an account by filling out and submitting the form at
      I did not receive any confirmation emails in my inbox. What do I do?
    1. It may take up to 20 minutes for emails to show in your inbox. You can also check your spam or junk folder. If you still do not receive on, email us at
      I can not log into my account.
    1. Make sure you are logging in using your username or associated email address.
      I forgot my password.
    1. No problem! Please use the "Forgot Password" feature ( to reset your password.
      I have found a glitch / bug on the site. Who can I report to?
    1. Send an email to
      Somebody made an inappropriate post. Who can I report to?
    1. You can report posts by clicking the 3-dotted icon and clicking "Report this post" or "Report this comment."
      Somebody has uploaded and published one of my works in their own portfolio.
    1. Send an email to and we will take action accordingly.
  1. Applying to freelance jobs

      How do I apply to a job?
    1. Click the "Apply to Job" button.
      How many jobs can I apply to?
    1. At present, you can apply to as many jobs as you wouldd like.
      Do I have to pay to apply to jobs?
    1. No. Applying to freelance jobs on Baseway is free. There are no credits required.
      A client requested to pay outside the Baseway platform. What should I do?
    1. Trade with caution. Transactions should take place through the platform. This way, we can verify work was submitted and approved. This way, in the event or arbitration, we can take action accordingly.
  1. Posting a job

      How do I post a job?
    1. Navigate to the page. Fill out the details and submit your job for review.
      Do I have to pay to post a job?
    1. Nope! Posting a job on Baseway is completely free.
      Why do you have to review my job posting?
    1. At Baseway, we want to cultivate a high-quality community of clients and freelancers. We manually curate all job posts before they are published onto the platform, ensuring that the right type of jobs are being posted.
      Why did my job posting get rejected?
    1. Unfortunately, your job posting did not meet our standards. More specifically, your budget was probably too low for the work involved or there was not enough details provided. Feel free to submit another job posting for review.